Tap the Power of 3D

The Design Environment

Torch uses familiar gestures and tools to let you place objects, modify their properties, add complex interactions, run through the entire prototype in Play mode, and add collaborators—all without ever leaving 3D.

The Object Drawer

Drag and drop 3D models from Sketchfab and Poly or 2D assets from Sketch and Adobe into your design in seconds. Tap to change their properties. Build polished augmented reality prototypes with zero code.

Easily Add Interactions

Use Torch’s interaction system to trigger animations, dynamically modify object properties like size, location, and color, navigate between scenes, design complex and personalized user experiences, and tell immersive stories that delight and engage.

App Integrations

Connect to 3D model warehouses like Sketchfab and Poly or import 2D files from your preferred cloud file store.

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Access all your 3D models and 2D assets with the Dropbox integration

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Connect to Poly to access its extensive 3D model library

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Connect to Sketchfab to access your 3D models

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Cloud Services

Easily access your files from
difference cloud services

Download Torch and get started.