Augmented Reality is changing your industry

Get strategic support for AR deployments and custom enterprise infrastructure with Torch.

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Augmented reality (AR) is already driving innovation and building brand differentiation for your competitors–no matter your industry. 

  • AR shopping is raising consumer expectations for convenience and personalization in retail (Sephora, Nordstrom)
  • Collaboration through augmented reality improves results of service calls & reduces wait times (GE, Vodafone)
  • AR visualization dives increased QA accuracy and production efficiencies for manufacturers (Toyota, Boeing)

Lack of knowledge still limits how quickly agencies and in-house teams can realize value from augmented reality and the costs of starting specialized development teams can be staggering. 

To win with AR, you need an experienced team who understands the use-cases that deliver ROI, the experiences that delight, and the complex technology environment that drives 3D.

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Torch is your full-service partner for augmented reality design, production, and deployment. Validate your concepts, test before you build, and launch AR projects faster with strategic and technical support from Torch.

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Test ideas faster, cheaper

Stop launching untested concepts. Rapid prototyping is essential for proving emerging technologies. When your team can quickly design, build, and test interactive experiences, you can get rid of bad ideas and deliver ROI faster.

Ship AR with existing teams

Easily integrate Torch into your existing design workflows. Whether you work in AutoCAD and SketchUp, or InVision and Sketch, you can easily import and use your designs in Torch. Add AR features to existing apps without coding in game tools.

Build once, deploy to many

The Torch platform is the only augmented reality development environment that allows your team to build 3D experiences once, using existing tools, and deliver wherever your customers are.

Get expert, full stack support

Accelerate your immersive media strategy with expert advice from the team with a track record for delivering augmented reality apps and insights. If you need targeted advice or design-through-deployment infrastructure support–we got you.

Torch is your guide to AR ROI

Augmented reality isn’t waiting on a watershed moment. Business cases abound, the technology is widely accessible, and innovation leaders have been selling AR experiences (and learning from them) the whole time you’ve been wondering if AR is right for you.

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