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All the tools and AR support services you need to design, build, and publish AR with your current team.

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Torch Pro

For AR Creators and Designers

The best way to build augmented reality apps with the team, tools, and workflows you already have.

  • Collaboration and added support for professional use

  • Share an unlimited number of playable
    Viewer Link apps

  • Commercial use license for Torch AR

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Torch Publish

For Product Teams and Agencies

Deploy AR apps on any channel with our suite of enterprise AR publishing integrations.

  • Share Web AR apps anywhere with just a link—no app download

  • Build AR for iOS apps with the SceneKit
    SDK—works with new or existing apps

  • Web AR powered by 8th Wall. No separate licenses or accounts needed

Torch + Web AR

Build in Torch and share interactive Web AR. Reach millions of users through the mobile browser. Powered by 8th Wall.

  • Share AR apps on any webpage, no app downloads required

  • Torch Publish includes 2000 Web AR views per month

  • No additional Web AR accounts needed—we’ve got you covered

AR Publishing Ecosystem

A diagram of the Torch AR Publishing EcosystemA diagram of the Torch AR Publishing Ecosystem

Torch AR

The design app that changed everything—Torch AR. Design, build, and share AR apps today.

  • Design with simple gestures

  • Animate using our powerful interaction system

  • Integrate professional design tools like Figma, Sketch, and Adobe CC

Torch Publish

Quickly export 3D apps anywhere with a dynamic suite of AR publishing tools.

  • Design and share as many projects as you like with Viewer links

  • Integrate augmented reality into new or existing apps using custom SDK targets

  • Perfect for client projects, product teams, and scaling your AR practice

  • Flexible plans that fit your goals and grow with your team

AR Services for Business

From workshops and custom training to AR concept validation and testing—get support from a trusted partner.