The Power of Torch
The Reach of Web AR

Torch partners with 8th Wall to deliver fast, ubiquitous web AR.

Web AR is
for everyone

Whether you’re a creative agency, a global brand or an enterprise with a product to sell, you can be the first to use Torch + Web AR—powered by our partner 8th Wall.

It’s easy:

  • If you don’t have Torch already, download it from the Appstore.
  • Create a project to share. Check out our Quick Start Guide.
  • Log in to your personal dashboard and upgrade to Torch Publish.
  • Click on the share button to generate a link to your web AR project.

Try it now on
your Android
or iOS
phone—no app downloads.

Open in Web AR

Torch Publish


per user/mo.
AR publishing integrations for the most popular channels & devices. Advanced export features and targets include:
  • Publish & share Web AR apps
  • Instagram & Facebook export
  • iOS apps with the SceneKit SDK
  • Torch Pro license and support

Web AR features

Your fast, powerful publishing toolkit for AR development. Advanced export features and targets include:

  • Build in Torch and share AR on the 
web—without code
  • View AR apps from any mobile browser
  • Includes 2000 views, additional views are 1¢ each
    *Pricing details & hosting plans

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