Torch Publish Early Access

Design, build, and share unlimited augmented reality apps.

Share Your World(s)

Soon anyone can purchase an upgrade to Torch Publish in the Appstore. Until then, sign-up for a free Publish early access preview with:

  • AR publishing workflows integrated with your favorite design apps–Figma, Sketch, Adobe, Invision & more.
  • Real-time asset sync with Dropbox integration.
  • Starter templates, 3D design guides & AR tutorials. Perfect for sharing fun creations with friends or building your portfolio.
  • Unlimited Viewer links during preview. Send augmented reality experiences directly to colleagues or share on social media.

We can't wait to see what you make & share!

-Paul and the Torch team

Design. Build. Share AR.

Augmented reality isn’t waiting on a watershed moment. Business cases abound, the technology is widely accessible, and innovation leaders have been selling AR experiences (and learning from them) the whole time you’ve been wondering if AR is right for you.