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Torch Pro. Upgraded AR Workflows for Professionals

Over the last few months, we’ve added several new publishing points to the Torch platform. Our goal, after creating a design tool that let anyone quickly create interactive AR content, was to give folks a place to share their spatial apps and 3D designs.

Product teams that adopted Torch AR’s robust 3D design systems and saw how quickly they could create and iterate on AR content, asked for reliable ways to disseminate AR internally, with clients, and around the world.

Torch Pro, now available as an upgrade through your Torch Dashboard, addresses three key concerns our community has repeatedly expressed: team collaboration, the ability to share an unlimited number of projects, and support for commercial projects.

to your dashboard to learn more about Torch Pro.

Teams collaborate in real-time

Torch AR's uniquely efficient, visual design workflows owe a lot to the tools 2D UX and mobile development teams have been using for years. Beloved design tools empower better communication and decision making by allowing teams to collaborate within a project. Figma, InVision, Framer, Adobe XD — all offer features that make it easy for creatives to work together either in real-time or asynchronously. 

AR design with Torch is just different—it’s spatial, it’s collaborative, and it’s a lot of fun. 

With Torch Pro, teams communicate spatially in a shared design environment, even when separated by continents. Shared access to 3D models, scenes and projects helps creatives iterate faster, elicit actionable feedback from stakeholders, and deliver a consistent product through every stage of AR development—that sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

What does this mean practically? An anecdote might help grasp the power of collaboration: at one of our early workshops, seven people from a global system integrator—all brand new to 3D—divided their hands-on project into three scenes, assigned two people two each scene, and while one person coordinated, each team split duties between finding and arranging assets and wiring in interactions. 

In forty-five minutes they had a four-scene experience with intra-scene navigation and interactions. Imagine what you could accomplish using Torch’s collaboration on a project with more time, resources, and budget.

No other 3D design software offers this capability. 

Share drafts & final projects widely

Speaking of things no other 3D software offers, Torch Pro also adds unlimited project sharing via Viewer Links. Viewer Links let you share a project publicly, in play-only mode to anyone with Torch. 

Sharing view-only project is ideal when you need feedback from folks who aren’t editors or want to test projects with a broader audience before publishing. Again, it is all about communicating your ideas with the simplicity and  added context that helps your clients say “yes!”

AR walkthroughs in Torch mean that clients don’t need to download complex CAD programs just to view your work in an immersive way.  

Using 3D models from Infraworks and Torch, BIM Specialist Steve Walz guides clients to better decisions with real-time detail and interactive information. By placing AR simulations of his designs on a worksite, Walz helps his clients understand complex systems at scale and in intuitive ways. 

Support for commercial projects

It has been gratifying to watch our community grow with us over the last year. For many (many, many) people, Torch was their first experience with 3D design. We’ve watched people learn the workflows, explore the complexities of spatial interactions, develop 3D portfolios, and eventually become AR trainers themselves. 

As designers have grown their expertise and aptitude with spatial designs, we have witnessed an increasing number of folks using Torch for commercial use cases. Whether to quickly validate concepts, win client buy-in, or send to production as SceneKit apps in the Appstore, product teams, agencies, and brands are using Torch to do real, AR business. 

Torch Pro is a commercial use license for AR designers using Torch AR for business.

Commercial use cases need a different level of support. Often there are deadlines to meet or timely architectural advice required. When you message Torch support, you’re connecting directly with the experts who built these tools. 

Upgrading to Torch Pro gives you a direct line to our renowned customer service while helps us focus on adding more of the features and integrations you’ve requested. We’ll always be there for you, our designer community. With Torch Pro, you have a chance to be there for us.

So, there it is. Torch Pro is a commercial use license that gives you the tools to build faster, share widely, and contribute to the future of Torch AR. And at $49/month, that’s a pretty sweet opportunity to upgrade both your Torch AR account and your 3D capabilities.

>Upgrade your AR workflows to Torch Pro today.