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Torch AR 4.1 - Better Object Selection Controls

(Photo by Fran . on Unsplash)

To follow along or try for yourself, download the free Torch AR app. For asset attribution see below.

Introducing the Scene Objects list and Select All Objects  features.

With the release of version 4.0 of Torch, we began to realize almost a year of ambitious work to improve UX. Driven by feedback from our community, emerging use cases in AEC/BIM and advertising, and our own intuitions, we redesigned most of the major subsystems for legibility, discoverability, and speedier completion of common tasks.

Torch 4.1, just released, continues on this theme while focusing on one specific, recurring element of usability feedback we received: making it easier to work with objects in complex or crowded scenes.

With the Scene Objects feature, accessed through Scene Options, you will be able to access and select from a list of all objects in the scene. Before, you needed to be able to tap the object to select it -- difficult when such objects were too small to see or multiple objects shared the same space. Now you can select Scene Options from the context menu, choose Scene Objects, and tap one or, if the multi-select option is on, more of the 3D or 2D objects in the scene to move, delete, or otherwise modify properties in aggregate.

The Select All Objects feature, now part of the Quick Actions menu, is pretty self-explanatory. If you wanted to combine the objects from two scenes or change the entire scene’s position relative to the world anchor, using Select All Objects is the answer.

In both cases, we have added features that improve usability while making it easier to work on complex scenes with many objects. So download the latest version of Torch and give these new features a try.

Additional Changes

  • Improved “new project” memory usage, especially on high resolution devices like the latest iPad Pros.
  • Shadows now only cast on the ground plane, improving performance.
  • We implemented fixes for many of the most common crashes.

Asset Attribution

One of the features we continue to build on with Torch is asset attribution - giving the artists that create the 3D and 2D assets we use from Sketchfab and Poly proper credit. In this case, I am including a capture of the Attribution Credits screen found in your Project details section.

Attribution Credits for our sample project.