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Tap the Power of Publish & Share AR Apps With the World

As more and more 3D designers learned how easy it is to build and test interactive augmented reality (AR) apps in Torch, you began asking for better ways to share your creations. We listened and with Torch 3, you now have the full power of an augmented reality publishing studio on your mobile phone.  

It has never been easier to design, build, and now, share AR apps anywhere with our newest sharing feature, Viewer Links. Perfect for client projects, for sharing with friends, or for building your spatial design portfolio—Viewer Links set your AR creations free.

To get started, you'll need to download the free Torch AR app from the Appstore.

Re-mix your world

Have you ever spent hours searching for the perfect GIF to add to your Instagram Story or finding the perfect Snapchat Lens that captures your mood? Then you know how much fun it can be to re-mix your world and share it with your friends.

With Viewer Links, you can send your friends on magical AR journeys, activate your surroundings with moments of wonder, or tell location-based stories when they click a link or snap a QR code. Opening and discovering even the simplest AR concepts or sketches can spark joy and inspiration. For more information on Viewer Links, check out our Help Docs.

Try these awesome apps

Every day, we're seeing more Torch projects shared on Twitter with the hashtag #BuiltWithTorch. Here's a collection of some of our favorite playable apps— just tap the links below, or scan the QR codes on your iOS device to open these apps in Torch.

Build your own, with Martijn

We hope you're feeling inspired to create your own shareable AR apps. Great news. Torch super-user Martijn Stellingwerff has created a ten-day Torch build-along challenge. Starting May 20th, Martijn is posting a new Torch app and a step-by-step tutorial that you can follow along with to build your own Torch AR projects.

We've been loving the playful way these apps get us moving around our space and learning new things about AR design along the way. Join the challenge! Follow along and read all the tutorials on Martijn's Medium blog.

Torch Publish early access

Every Torch AR account can share one active Viewer Link at a time. Soon, you'll be able to subscribe to Torch Publish, our new sharing plan. With Torch Publish, you get unlimited active Viewer Links through iTunes, enabling you to share as many Torch projects as you like. If you just can't wait or would like to help us test this new tool, you can request early access for Torch Publish on our website.