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Reach a Billion Users with Web AR + Torch

Today we are providing a sneak peek into the future of AR publishing: a Torch project running in Web AR powered by 8th Wall.

As anyone who follows us on social media or reads our blogs knows, Torch has been releasing new publishing options for your AR experiences on a steady cadence since early summer. 

First, we announced Viewer links, then publishing to Spark AR Studio—for Facebook and Instagram. After that came the release of the Torchkit SDK for iOS that made it possible to embed your Torch-authored experience in apps running on ARKit applications.

Try this Web AR app on your Android or iOS phone, today. Just click this image to start.

Try Torch + Web AR today

Web AR provides a number of advantages that make it a powerful option for anyone creating augmented reality experiences. First and foremost, of course, is the potential to reach hundreds of millions of users. Now, Torch AR experiences can be viewable on any AR-capable iOS or Android device without the friction of an app download.

Sharing your project via email, on social media platforms, or via a link to a product preview on your company’s web site will be a simple press of the button with Torch. And it’s not just the fact that the web is ubiquitous that makes this so powerful.

You’ll also be able to integrate marketing campaign and user analytics data, use Javascript to add functionality to your AR experience—personalization, MarTech integrations, leaderboards for games, coupon offers for sponsorships or shopping cart integrations.

Work with the tools & teams you already have

The combination of Torch’s fast authoring of interactive AR content with front-end design and development skills your team already has promises a new era in immersive content.

In a matter of weeks we will be making self-service web AR publishing possible In the interim, we are happy to enable exports for individuals interested in Torch Publish. Just get in touch and we will set you up.

Sign in to your Torch Dashboard to upgrade to Torch Publish with Web AR.