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Foundations of Responsive AR Content at AWE EU 2019

“Because we cannot control the ergonomics of how spatial design work is viewed, we require a flexible technique for creating AR experiences that adapt to the audience—that’s responsive AR,” Keith Hamilton.

Torch is pleased to announce that Immersive Product Designer, Keith Hamilton, has been selected to present at Augmented World Expo EU 2019. Join the conversation about responsive augmented reality at the world’s premier XR conference in Munich, Germany, October 17-18.

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Building on the work outlined in the posts Foundational Ideas for Responsive Augmented Reality Content and Getting Hands-on With Responsive AR, Keith will share his insights on the challenges of designing spatial content for all users and aims to spark a wider, more urgent conversation about the roles of UX, Human Factors, and Accessibility in XR design.

This interactive presentation includes practical applications of responsive AR and provides participants with a customizable, re-usable template for creating a personalized responsive AR app. Attendees will leave this session with an understanding of how to plan and design responsive content in AR, as well as the practical means to begin building it. In this presentation Keith will share:

  • Foundational concepts of responsive AR—observations to help you conceptualize and plan content that responds to its audience
  • Responsive AR design patterns—how we can leverage what we know about responsive web design to enhance AR content
  • Practical techniques you can use today to publish responsive AR content to the world

We hope to see you in Munich!

Foundations of Responsive Content in AR


October 17th, 2-3 pm

Room D11

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