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The Five AR Interactions That Got Us Rejected From the Apple Store

Here's how you can build them with Torch AR in minutes.

Designers are eager to explore the immersive possibilities that ARKit-enabled devices provide, but the barriers to entry are too high. From architecture to interaction design, creatives want better 3D design tools and easier workflows, so they can start working in AR today.

Too good to be true

To do our part, we’ve been trying to update the newest version of Torch in the App store for the last week. But the promo video we built 100% inside Torch has been rejected, twice, because Apple can’t believe everything displayed is an in-app interaction! Here's the video straight from Torch.

Here’s the controversial video from Torch play mode that Apple thought was too good to be true.

What’s coming soon

The reason we are so excited to get our latest release out (Torch version 1.13) is because it is packed with great features you’ve asked for. Stay tuned for our next release which, once released by Apple will include these new features:

  • Easily add video and audio content to immersive scenes
  • Undo/Redo with one tap
  • Quickly edit proximity triggers with multi-touch gestures - just pinch and resize

Learn while you wait

It’s hard to know where to start when you’re building in AR, so we’ll show you how we built this scene with 5 interactions in Torch. Imagine what your boss will say when you build your first ban-worthy AR app!

Animate Adobe Draw sketches in a scene

We captured these illustrations using Adobe Draw and loaded them into Torch. Then we reveal two invisible models that overlay on top of the drawn objects. Using a gaze trigger and adjusting their positions, the drawings look like they were coming off the page – bringing the models to life. Finally a selection trigger chases the drawings out of view.

Interact with objects to change another object’s color

When you approach the 3D chair model, a proximity trigger causes basic 3D models to appear (the colored primitives that will serve as a menu). We gave each simple shape its own selection trigger, so a tap on the blue object changes the chair’s color to match. Learn how to build and customize interactions in Torch.

Transform a flat image into a 3D globe view

As you near the photo on the wall a 3D globe viewer expands around your view. Again, we use proximity triggers to transform and reveal an invisible globe – giving the viewer an illusion they have been transported to another place.

Direct attention with animation

As you look around the landscape, an animated model of a bird grabs your attention and guides you through the space. Tapping the bird returns you back to the Torch offices, shrinking and hiding the globe to its previous state. The bird flies out of the landscape with you and then out of view. Learn how to guide viewer attention with animations and interactions.


Moving out of play mode and back to the design environment, you can see new elements being added and manipulated by a project collaborator in real time. A quick tap on the collaborators button allows you to add users to your project with an email address and start working together immediately.

Do more, soon

While you might need to wait a few days to get your hands on the newest version and features, you can start building interactions and scenes today with Torch. When you post them, make sure to tag your AR creations with #builtwithTorch.

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