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Expanding the AR Creation Platform: 6D.ai + Torch 2

A partnership solving AR’s biggest challenges

“AR’s value to the enterprise has been proven over and over; however innovation has been locked because of expensive apps development and costly specialized hardware.” -Matt Miesnieks 6D.ai

Partnerships that break down production silos and give augmented reality creators access to nimble enterprise AR workflows will drive the innovative content opportunities brands have been waiting for. Aimed at significantly expanding what is possible in augmented reality, Torch and 6D.ai are proud to announce a new collaboration.

Torch + 6D.ai

The integration of 6D’s Reality Platform with Torch’s visual design environment will give agencies and brands cutting edge tools to realize the value of AR apps and experiences with the teams and workflows they already have.

Driven by 6D’s real-time 3D mesh construction, Torch adds the power of occlusion, cloud anchors, and location-aware, persistent content–unlocking these complex tools for the first time in a visual, spatial design environment.

“Typically cutting edge computer vision technologies have only been available through specialized coding frameworks, but now more people will be able to utilize these powerful capabilities with the flip of a switch.” Paul Reynolds, Torch

Unlocking occlusion for mobile AR

To feel “real” and present in a viewer’s world, AR apps need to recognize their environment and incorporate this “world layer” into their immersive stories and interactions. Occlusion gives designers the ability to place digital objects (2D and 3D) in a user’s physical space and to have these objects behave in the natural ways users expect.

The 6D Reality Platform creates real-time AR cloud meshes, machine readable 3D maps of the real-world, with just a standard smartphone camera.

Torch uses 6D's real-time meshes, maps of the surfaces and planes in a space, to make digital objects like 3D models appear as if they are interacting with and hiding behind objects in the real world. This once impossible optical effect connects the world layer and the digital, bringing magical realism and wonder to AR experiences.

World-scale, persistent 3D content

The success of your augmented reality app depends on those crucial first moments after the app is opened, during the initialization and localization phase when your AR experience either reveals itself as an elegant illusion and takes over the imagination or makes some egregious faux-pas of optical physics and any chance at engagement is lost. Most AR experiences are attached to the world layer through tracked images or manually placed world anchors, but troubles start for users when the tracked image is lost or changes obscure the anchor.

What makes 6D especially useful for Torch designers is that it builds a real-time, three-dimensional semantic map of the world, using just a smartphone camera. Each time an app is used in a space, the space is quickly meshed in the background, and the app’s content instantly interacts as if it were part of the environment.

With 6D’s platform, Torch developers can build world-scale apps where experiences are persistent, responsive to world layer occlusion, and synced between multiple users with precision and efficiency.

Through this partnership, spatial computing apps that were only possible to build on expensive head-mounted displays using specialty software can now be designed, built, tested, and deployed using ARCore and ARKit smartphones. With Torch and 6D, teams can build and deploy location-based experiences that allow users to skip confusing and error-prone setup instructions. Instead, they can open the app and focus on exploring world scale augmented reality that just works.

Connecting creatives to enterprise-class tools

“Just like Adobe did for desktop publishing in the ’80s, Torch and 6D are democratizing AR development for all enterprises–taking it out of the specialized teams and making it available for everyone. Now it's time to build.” -Matt Miesnieks

Torch and 6D share a mission to build the tools creators need to develop the AR applications that will engage users, define new categories of content, and, for the people at the companies with the foresight to seize the opportunity that lays before them, to deliver game-changing value.

Now that you’ve got the power of a full AR development group in your pocket, you no longer have to worry about how to launch complex AR experiences–they just work. With Torch and 6D, we all are 3D developers now.

Is your team looking for enterprise augmented reality solutions like the Torch + 6D integration? Contact us to learn more.