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Create & Share Unlimited Web AR in January

This January Web AR with Torch Publish is unleashed, unchained, and unlimited. Try the power of shareable, interactive Web AR for yourself and export as many Web AR apps, with unlimited views, as your heart desires. 

You’ll see that the Torch Publish workflow provides the fastest path to Web AR publishing with the most robust feature set—all for less than it takes to set up a professional account with other solutions.

Torch Publish includes everything you need to build and share engaging Web AR apps; no additional accounts or subscriptions are needed. 

Get unlimited Web AR with Torch Publish

The year of the spatial agency

If 2019 was the year of the spatial creator, this year is poised to be the year the AR agency. Augmented Reality is quickly becoming a mainstream communications channel for brand and product marketers.

Web AR, in particular, eliminates the need for a special app or device which makes it ideal to integrate into multi-channel campaigns.

Interactive designers and digital strategists now have a reasonable timeline for the mass adoption of AR wearables and the resulting demand for a whole new breed of immersive content. Creative teams looking to ride this wave of immersive, revenue-generating content to shore had better learn to surf now.

Every day we hear from brands, innovation studios, and digital marketers who see the value of augmented reality’s ability to wow customers (Dallas Cowboys, Pose with the Pros), keep their attention (AR lens sessions average 75 seconds) and convert customers more effectively (AR app users 11 times more likely to buy products).

No-barrier AR at your fingertips

Working in any new medium can be daunting and questions abound. Can technology today support my idea? Will this concept even work in AR? How do I share this AR experience with my audience? 

You’re in luck! Torch AR is the fastest, designer-friendly way to create spatial apps that take advantage of the most powerful features available today. Once you’ve built your AR creation, use Torch Publish to export your app to Web AR and share your 360º content anywhere you can share a URL. 

Upgrade to Web AR with Torch Publish completely risk-free in January. While other solutions charge for additional projects and hosting, you can go unlimited with Torch Publish for just $99. 

Robust, reliable AR publishing is really that simple.

But what should I make?

When you can build nearly any idea you can imagine, knowing where to begin can be the hardest first step. Just because AR is new technology doesn’t mean you need to reinvent the wheel to get started.

With unlimited Web AR in January, it’s the perfect time to try out some new ideas and see what sticks (or goes viral).  

Here are some of our favorite Web AR apps from the Torch community—steal some inspiration and share your own Web AR apps anywhere with just a link. 

View 3D products in your space

This Autodesk logo app was made by Autodesk Expert Elite Matt Wunch in the lobby of Autodesk University. 

The simplest AR experiences are often the most impactful. Start by placing your brand assets in space. Add User Control properties to let your viewers move, rotate, and scale augmented objects in their virtual space.

Try the Autodesk Logo Web AR app - click this link in a mobile browser. 

Review CAD models on the worksite

Read Stephen’s tips for creating AR apps for AEC and CAD designs.

Stephen Walz, Senior Civil BIM Model Manager, uses augmented reality apps to streamline design review of his Autodesk Infraworks models. Viewing AEC designs in an interactive AR, on-site and on the client’s device, improves decision making and speeds approvals. With our Dropbox integration, it’s a snap to add CAD models to Torch. 

Try the InfraWorks Viewer Web AR app - click this link in a mobile browser.

Share an adventure with 360º video 

Easy to make and fun to view, 360º videos activate even the most simple Web AR apps. Just drag your panoramic videos into a scene and scale them to the optimum viewing size. This Web AR video tour was made with video from 3D Creative Director Spencer Lindsay, Lindsay Digital.

Try the 360º Adventure Web AR app - click this link in a mobile browser.

Send your audience on an immersive journey

The team at Marcolina Design created an interactive AR story “book” for their holiday greeting campaign. After building their experience once in Torch AR, Marcolina used the Torch Publish workflow to export their 3D story to Web AR, Torch Viewer Link, and created some stellar in-AR promotional videos, all from the same project. 

Try Marcolina's Holiday Web AR story - click this link in a mobile browser.

All you need to start

Torch Web AR is powered by 8th Wall. Build and export interactive Web AR, all from your mobile device. No additional accounts, log-ins, or API keys are needed. 

With unlimited projects and unlimited views in January, there’s no better time to start publishing Web AR with Torch Publish.

Unlimited Web AR means—Make unlimited Web AR apps and get unlimited views in January with your Publish subscription. No additional charges apply for projects or hosting in January.

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