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Communication & Collaboration Set the Foundation for XR Success

With flashy gear and dreams of a holographic future, extended reality (XR) tech captures consumer imaginations and news cycles, but many companies are still searching through the hype and speculation to understand the real value that these technologies can deliver for business.

To help designers, strategists, and brands realize the value and innovation that's possible with XR Torch—in partnership with The Wild—hosted XR Foundations For Business. The workshop answered high-level questions and explored the actionable ways spatial computing is transforming workflows, communication, and collaboration today. 

Download the XR Foundations for Business presentation to read more.

Clay Walsh, The Wild & Nathan C Bowser, Torch, present at XR Foundations for Business

XR communication is revolutionizing business

XR is empowering a new wave of productivity at scale—especially for teams that already create 3D “digital twins” of their work and products.

From consumer brands like Nike, KFC, and L'Oréal to manufacturing and high-tech groups like CNES, Ford, and Bell Helicopter brands in nearly every industry are realizing boosted ROI with XR while reaping the creative efficiencies afforded by the extra presence, empathy, and awareness of the mediums.

Extend digital content into valued experiences

Stand out applications of XR keep the user and their real-world work the center of any technology deployment. Whether it’s an AR solution that brings the digital world to you or a VR experience that brings you into a digital world, real-time, three-dimensional information drives better decisions every step of the way.

With AR and camera vision, a brand like Nike can unlock the design data from 3D assets in ways that can interact with the shopper’s physical world. When users try on a virtual shoe in the Sneakers app, the camera compares an image of the shopper’s foot against the 3D data it “knows” about the selected shoe model and size, recommending adjustments for better fit and performance.

Leading use cases see double-digit returns

Architecture and engineering firms leverage 3D collaboration tools like The Wild to visualize complex 3D designs and speed decision making.

Architecture, engineering & construction (AEC)

Industries already using 3D models, like architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) use XR to review and approve spatial designs, validate and document repairs, and drive faster decision-making across distributed teams. French space agency CNES used XR design reviews to reduce their rocket design timelines by a year (25%). 

XR training is faster, the information is "stickier", and  XR can scale uniform processes better than 1:1 instruction.

Training & co-working

Immersive training and co-working drives higher retention and engagement with training materials, reduces workplace errors, and improves the effectiveness of first-time service calls. XR collaboration with tools like Streem allows junior technicians to solve problems in the field with the full institutional knowledge of their company’s experts back at the home office.

3D product design

Fashion and consumer product companies facing pressures to boost margins and optimize workflows are using 3D models and immersive experiences to design, approve, and sell entire product lines before sewing a single stitch. By moving to digital product reviews companies eliminate waste along the entire product cycle from sample design and sales to shipping and returns. 

XR Foundations gave attendees hands-on opportunities to try the technologies they were learning about.

XR extends human connections

In this vast, technological world, XR brings us closer, helps us see things from the same perspective, and empowers us with the information we need to make better and timely decisions. It’s the human elements of presence, empathy, and collaboration are driving productivity, efficiency, and business success today. Brands across every vertical are testing XR projects and reaping incredible returns. If your work could be improved by better communication, collaboration and or faster onboarding, it's a great time to get started in XR, even if your aren't a tech company. Start your strategy today. Fill out the short form below to download the XR Foundations for Business presentation deck.

Inspired to get started? Join us in London this November for a half-day hands-on interaction design workshop for Web AR.