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Challenges Facing AR Creators in 2020 [White paper]

Our most recent AR Community survey reveals the extended technical and business challenges facing AR creators. We found that while advancements in technology are relieving the pains of getting started, AR creators still face real struggles creating, sharing and distributing augmented reality apps and content.

There’s no single blocker to AR projects; there are many.

In our first augmented reality white paper, we uncovered hurdles including high learning curves for design tools to communication challenges between designers and developers to trouble obtaining 3D assets.

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This year we decided to dig even deeper, surveying and interviewing designers, developers and agencies about the business and technical challenges they face in selling, sharing, and publishing AR applications.

“There are two kinds of pain that come from being in this business: the technical pain and the business pain.” Paolo Tosolini, Tosolini Productions

It’s not easy forging a path in a new industry. However, the innovators we talked with were undeterred and passionate about AR’s potential.

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