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AV in AR: Endless Possibilities

Video is a game changer 

With the latest release of Torch AR, you can now add video and audio (AV) to your projects in seconds. This works the same as images and 3D files - just tap the video in your camera roll or cloud storage. Then, drag the files into the scene and place them.  

The opportunities are countless

In the last week, experimenting with the features amongst ourselves, we've created augmented reality experiences including AV objects that are both fun and useful.

First, we recorded a demo of Torch video using proximity triggers to reveal the video was in 3D:


Then, we recorded a clip explaining how to use video in Torch. Of course, we then put this clip into a Torch project and demonstrated the feature itself while the video played (I know, the recursion gets crazy!).

We also created a project tutorial that explains how to build simple play and stop controls using interactions in a Torch scene.  

For a blog about using Figma to prototype 3D user manuals, we recorded a quick how-to video on how to use our (incredibly complex) coffee machine that just starts to give the idea of how powerful video is going to be in augmented reality apps.


And these were just some of the things we designed in a week.

The limits are unknown

The possibilities for designers to create witty, useful and engaging 3D experiences are endless. In fact, that's the point of this post. 

We're sharing some of the things we've made hoping that they will inspire all of you to jump in to Torch and build video and audio-driven experiences.

We need your help

We want to see what you discover. What happens when you use multiple videos in a scene? How do you incorporate sound and proximity triggers? What visibility toggles, 2D and 3D controls work best in your designs?

How about video used for wayfinding? For instruction manuals? For training? For fun?

And when you've built it, please share it with us. We'd love to feature your immersive designs on our blog and on social media. Just tag it with #builtwithTORCH or post it in the Torch Friends Slack.

Thanks, and have fun creating in Torch AR.