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We Are All 3D Publishers Now. Announcing Torch 3.

Build in Torch 3, share anywhere

Whether you’re mobile UX designer new to augmented reality or a guru steeped in the arcana of game engine SDKs, you’ll find Torch the fastest, easiest way to create and share compelling spatial experiences with the world. As milestones go, today’s is one of the biggest ever at Torch.

We are pleased to announce the release of Torch 3 and with it our first commercial products Torch Publish and Torch Publish Pro. Now anyone with Torch can create powerful, interactive augmented reality apps and share them to anyone with Torch via Viewer links, or to Facebook and Instagram via Publish. And anyone means anyone.

Build and share AR apps in minutes–download Torch 3 to get started.

Publicly shareable projects and Gizmos

With Torch 3, we've made it easier for you to create interactive mobile AR experiences and share your creations with the world. Of all the features and platform improvements that have gone into Torch 3, gizmos and Viewer links stand out–adding powerful AR productivity upgrades to your 3D design workflows.


Gizmos are visual design tools for manipulating the scale, position, and rotation of objects in space. Gizmos greatly enhance the utility of freeform mode, combining touch-screen simplicity and mobility with the power of desktop-bound 3D authoring tools. Gizmos also mark our first foray into 3D UI in the design environment. You’ll be seeing more 3D UI elements in the future, but in the meantime, check out this short video to see how gizmos work.

Shareable Viewer links

Share your Torch project anywhere you can send a link. Pick the project, open Project Settings in the context menu, select Viewer link, and you’ll be presented with your sharing options. Drop the link into a tweet, send it via email, embed it in slides as part of a big presentation to a client, or add it to your LinkedIn profile to show prospective employers your 3D design chops. (For extra points, tease your shared project with video you captured in Play mode.)

Anyone can interact with your app just as you designed it–opening URLs, calling out to APIs, tracking images, triggering interactions from a play-only mode, without logging in. Viewer links, which replace the email-only Collaboration feature, increase enormously the number of people who can delight in your experience; while giving you control over how they experience it.

And as your first project is garnering all the praise and expressions of wide-eyed wonder and questions like “How did you do that?” you can build and share your next app and the next one after that. Here’s where Torch Publish comes in.

Torch Publish: limitless projects for limitless imaginations

Currently available, Torch Publish lets you share as many Torch-hosted projects as you want. Along with unlimited shareable projects, you’ll get direct access to the Torch team for any questions and support.

And in the not-too-distant future, you’ll be able to make your Torch Publish experiences remixable. Anyone inspired by what you’ve built will be able to take your experience, riff on it, share it to their network, and you’ll get both credit and the same analytical insights into who is using it. Find your niche, develop your AR voice, and then graduate to Pro and share with the world on social media as effects, lenses, and more.

Torch Publish Pro: reach billions

Publish Pro lets you share your creations with anyone with an AR-capable device via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and soon WebAR and more social networks like Snap and TikTok. Instead of using costly game SDK-centered workflows to create world camera AR effects that take weeks to build and thousands of dollars, you can build and share AR experiences to billions of people on both iOS and Android in just a few minutes.

Check out this Mother’s Day camera effect we built in Torch in less than two hours and shared to Facebook and Instagram.

Perfect for product teams, digital agencies, or anyone building and distributing AR apps, Publish Pro turns your creative team into an augmented reality powerhouse.

Starting today, you can sign up for early access to Torch Publish Pro. Fill out the form and our AR success team will take great care of you.

Delivering end-to-end AR publishing

In January, we shared a series of blog posts that surveyed the state of the augmented reality ecosystem, made a few predictions (some of which are already  turning out to have been correct) and announced a roadmap that would take Torch from a prototyping and design tool to an augmented reality app development and publishing platform. We delivered the foundations of the development platform with Torch 2. Today, with Torch 3, we complete the progression.

Over and over again we heard from you that you wanted more ways to share your creations, whether it was a personal project or you were working with a major brand on a global campaign.

We heard the requests and promised to build the features you needed to make sharing easy. With Torch 3, Torch Publish, and Torch Publish Pro, we’ve delivered on that promise.

Now, jump into Torch, design something amazing it, and show the world.