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Announcing AR Tools for Every Stage of Development

Torch 3.3 is now available for free download.

Significant releases of AR-capable devices, updates to ARKit and AR Core, notable steps in the AR cloud, and even a blockbuster augmented reality game topping the charts; all of these achievements have already made this a great year for spatial computing. Though with each new announcement comes more complexity, more siloed development environments, and more costly work to prove out these new modes and products.

In this time of “more, more, more” Torch remains laser-focused on giving creatives just one thing—more control of your AR production workflows. We started Torch with a mission to make it easier for creatives to design, build, and share AR anywhere. With our newest release of Torch AR (3.3), we’ve added more control at every stage of that AR development cycle. 

We’ve improved the UX for our AR design workflows, added user controls to playable AR apps, and we’re laying the groundwork for a series of SDKs that empower you to embed interactive AR experiences anywhere—into your existing mobile apps or as new standalone applications.

Download Torch 3.3 today!

Improved clarity and workflows with UI updates

AR designers will appreciate the new look and updates to the user interface in Torch’s Design Environment and Play Mode. Crisp button icons, improved labels, and clearer menus have been updated across Torch to help improve your design experience. But we didn’t stop there. 

UI improvements abound in Torch 3.3 include new icons, button labels & workflow updates.

A special shout out to Leah Davidson and her team at Because Human for their superb user experience research and insights that drove these interface updates (and more to come). Designing new modes of communication in AR apps requires an iterative approach built around user feedback—and expert guidance from Because Human has been invaluable in our process.

User-Control to interact with and re-mix apps

Give your app users control over objects and assets in Play Mode with User Control.

With Torch 3, we introduced Torch Viewer apps, shareable, playable augmented reality apps hosted on the Torch platform. Anyone with a compatible phone can play these immersive 3D apps with just a click of a link—no log-ins or social media accounts needed to play along!   

Your reaction to these shareable apps was gratifying, energizing, and most of all, educational. We learned new things from the projects people shared. You danced with a slice of pizza, you laid on the floor to take photos with AR flowers, and you explored the possibility of AR connected books, but you also wanted more control. Of course, we listened. 

While portable AR apps are a big step forward for consumer AR, in Torch 3.3, we added User Control options to any object in Play Mode—giving viewers a more immersive, customizable augmented experience. When enabled, User Control allows players to adjust the position, rotation, and scale of assets in your Play Mode scene. 

Help users envision purchases in their own home and then let them rearrange the space until it is just right. Share AR designs and get client feedback in AR. Create AR puzzles to gamify your app. Or even build re-mixable environments that users can explore, manipulate, and share back to you on social media. 

Access the User Control feature in the Object Properties drawer.

The User Control property can now be toggled on and off for individual objects via the Object Properties drawer. 

Add AR to your existing app with Torch SDK

AR is driving notable returns for manufacturing, and light-industrial applications and the rest of the enterprise is rushing to secure their AR advantage. From hamburger chains to travel lines and multimedia publishers, companies recognize how augmented reality apps can increase engagement, boost sales, and help them stand out in a crowded market.

With the Torch SDK, companies can easily deploy fully interactive AR experiences anywhere—in a standalone app (iOS & Android), embedded in an existing branded app (iOS & Android), or even head-mounted displays (contact us for details), while avoiding the costly timelines and pitfalls of traditional 3D development workflows. 

No matter your industry or use case, the Torch SDK workflow delivers enterprise AR apps 20 times faster for a fraction of the cost. Serve up pre-purchase visualizations of physical products in e-commerce apps and sites. Embed guided property tours into real estate listings. Share high-impact, interactive content in personalized AR ads. 

Dream big. You can build anything when you have a mobile AR development platform in your pocket. 

* Don’t worry if your imagination gets carried away, we’ve got your back no matter how big your ambitions are. Torch offers professional services like advanced training, concept development and validation, usability testing, and custom architecture support. Contact us to learn more.